Fog Screen

  • Fog Screen is an exciting new projection technology that allows to project images and video onto a screen of dry fog, creating the illusion that the images are floating in midair.
  • The FogScreen is an excellent eye-catcher. Whenever FogScreen has been presented to an audience, it has proved its ability to draw magnificent attention, gathering people around in crowds.
  • The images projected onto the FogScreen seem magical, like in a vision as the screen itself can appear from nowhere, and disappear again, it creates huge possibilities for use in theater plays and concerts.
  • Entertain your guests with FogScreen
  • Attract people with FogScreen.
  • Whether you are planning a rock concert, a prize ceremony, an anniversary, any commercial or private event, elevate the atmosphere with the magical FogScreen. Guests can enter through the screen to an event!
  • The Fog Screen attracts viewers to play with it whenever it is used for image projection in public places such as theme parks , museums , night clubs , theatres etc.
  • Lobbies and entrances of Fortune 500 companies, high level government and other office buildings, and luxurious residences and cruisers are also places where you will find a FogScreen in the future.